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In 1890 the family project, Lusotendas, was born. After several generations where wisdom and perseverance have allied themselves with the manufacture of awnings and structures, in 1992 there is a new challenge: the manufacture, rental and sale of tents for events, throughout Portugal Continental and Islands.

The desire for innovation and to be present in the most diverse projects made the investment in the area of ​​design grow, taking LUSOTENDAS to the sports sector, where it has been standing out since 2016 with the coverage of sports spaces, being a reference in sports coverage, mainly in the Portuguese Padel.

Year after year, project after project, LUSOTENDAS has gained more and more notoriety and has already established itself as a reference brand in the Portuguese market.

The bet on innovation, technology, design, design and development of projects that have made LUSOTENDAS a reference in the Portuguese market, have also increased the desire to fly higher, being currently in an expansion project for new markets, namely the European markets.


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